Professional Negligence

At David Watt & Co we can help you pursue compensation claims if you have lost money or suffered financial harm as a result of negligent advice. We are the professional negligence experts and have built up a reputation for delivering results for our clients over our many years. We have the skills, capacity and focus to ensure that you get what you are entitled to. When you need help with professional negligence you need David Watt & Co.

We bring years of experience to each and every case and can deliver success for you. When you come to us you get a team with commercial and court experience, responsiveness, technical competence, director leadership and focus. We have the tools, skills and contacts needed to provide astute and thorough forensic accounting that gets to the heart of the matter. When you need results you need David Watt & Co, we deliver across the board.

At David Watt & Co we have experience and expertise in all areas of professional negligence including quantification of economic loss, accounting negligence, negligent tax advice, financial investigations, trust account investigations and directors' responsibilities. With our impressive skill set and wide ranging abilities you can be sure that we will provide expert advice and a positive outcome.

We operate with integrity and professionalism and pride ourselves on going the extra distance for our clients. We want to develop a long term working relationship with our clients so that when they need help in any area of forensic accounting they know that they can rely on us to provide excellent service and a positive result.

We have successfully help pursue compensation claims on behalf of members of the public who have lost money or suffered financial harm as a result of negligent advice given by professional persons including solicitors, accountants, architects, surveyors, valuers, estate agents, banks, insurance consultants, mortgage brokers and financial advisers. When you need help you need David Watt & Co.

When you need forensic accounting help with professional negligence claims please do not hesitate to contact us.